Level 1 Coaching Course

A Level 1 Coach will typically assist a more experienced coach in delivering session or instruct those that are within their first year of calisthenics training. There are no formal requirements or pre-requisites to complete this course, and as such, the course covers:

  • General principles of bodyweight training and the coaching process
  • Health and safety (including assessing risk, gathering participant information, safeguarding children & vulnerable adults)
  • Components of a session
  • Basic first aid
  • The practical elements are delivered over a series of 2 two-hour online practical workshops.

The practical elements of the course include:

  • Push: Push Ups / Dips
  • Pull: Rows / Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups
  • Core: Plank / Hollow Body Hold / L-sit
  • Legs: Squat / Lunge / Assisted Single Leg Squat
  • Static Holds: Handstand Prep / Crow
  • General movement prep. & warm-up activities
  • Static cool-down stretches

In order to take part in the practical online workshop you’ll need access to a pull up bar, rings/suspension trainer/bar for low rows, parallettes are recommended but no essential, plus a pair of light dumbbells or weight plates (5kg or less). It is possible to purchase these items through Calisthenics UK should you wish to do so.

Basic first aid training will also be delivered online, with pre-recorded content you can access whenever suits you best. You’ll receive a first aid certificate upon completion of the first aid elements of the course.

The course also includes additional independent study covering general coaching theory and principles. Again, this can be completed whenever is most convenient for you.

Those completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance however to become a Certified Level 1 Calisthenics Coach you will also need to complete the following assessments:

  • Short answer worksheet covering fundamental coaching skills
  • Record of instructing four sessions and self-evaluation worksheet

If you have have any questions about any aspect of the L1 Coaching Course please contact us.

Key Facts
  • Course duration:

    4 hours (plus home study)

  • Course cost:


  • Course content:

    Principles of coaching, health & safety, first aid, principles of bodyweight training, fundamental calisthenics movements; push, pull, core, legs, static holds

  • Assessment:

    Worksheet, coaching log and self-evaluation

  • Venues:

    Southampton, London

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