Our instructor training courses are aligned with the existing sports coaching framework in the UK to provide a clearer, more defined pathway from assistant coach to elite coach.


The sport of calisthenics is growing at a rapid rate, and to support this growth a clearly defined coaching structure will ensure that those of all levels have access to the skills and expertise to allow them to progress in a safe and effective manner.

Our aim is to develop a series of coaching qualifications to bring calisthenics in line with 31 other sports, where a common coaching framework has been implemented since the Coaching Task Force Report in 2002. As such, four distinct coaching qualifications will be rolled out in 2019 and 2020, allowing prospective and existing coaches to gain professional recognition and enabling better support for the athletes of today and tomorrow.

Level 1

The role of the Level 1 coach is to: Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision.

Level 2

The role of the Level 2 coach is: Working independently, prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions.

Level 3

The role of the Level 3 coach is to: Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes, as well potentially including the deployment and supervision of Level 1 and 2 coaches.

Level 4

A Level 4 coach is a beacon ‘high performing’ coach in their specific coaching environment, advancing their own and others’ development, and serving as a role model to promote the sport to the wider community.

How does the framework benefit coaches?

  • Enhance coaching skills, and development of athlete pathway
  • Raise the profile of and professionalise calisthenics coaching
  • Provides a benchmark for employers and deployers of coaches
  • Core coaching skills are recognised and transferable between sports
  • A UK wide endorsement of top quality, safe coaching
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