Indoor and outdoor equipment designed by the world’s top calisthenics athletes to offer the most authentic exercise experience


Designed for maximum rigidity and stability, and manufactured to stand up to sustained use in the most demanding of settings, our indoor rigs are the ideal choice for any calisthenics gym.

All our indoor equipment comes with our specialist paint finish, providing just the right amount of grip without too much friction.

We’re able to design equipment to seamlessly fit with your facility, taking into consideration ceiling heights and any existing features such as support columns. The end result is a design that is truly bespoke, maximising the space you have available.

Floor space can be a real consideration when kitting out your facility, especially if you plan on using the area for multiple activities. Ceiling-mounted rigs are the perfect solution, offering you all the bar area of a conventional rig, but without the vertical supports intruding into the floor space.

For those looking for increased flexibility from their rig, we can also incorporate mountings for a range of additional fitness equipment including Olympic bars, dip stations, step up platforms and rebounders.


Our range of equipment enables multiple users of all fitness levels to train simultaneously, making them the perfect exercise solution for parks and other public spaces.

All of our equipment conforms to BS EN16630 standards for outdoor fitness.

We are also able to provide a range of flooring options that conform to BS 7188:1998 and BS EN 1177 for safer flooring and fall height calculations. If required, we can undertake all aspects of groundworks and preparation, prior to the equipment being installed.

All our equipment is designed to stand up to sustained use in even the most demanding settings, coming with a 20-year structural steelwork guarantee. Our powder coating paintwork comes with a five-year guarantee.


Our portable rigs are ideally suited to home use or for clubs, competitions or demonstrations where a fixed installation isn’t an option.

The rig is designed to be assembled by one person, easily slotting together in a matter of minutes and packing away into a carry case for ease of transport.

Despite being portable, this set-up provides same stability and rigidity as our fixed rigs to give you complete confidence when training.

The portable rig features our specialist paint finish, providing just the right amount of grip without too much friction.


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