A range of workshops for the calisthenics practitioner designed to take your training to the next level. Workshops are led by our elite team of instructors and take place throughout the on a regular basis. We are also able to devise a bespoke workshop for your gym or sports team.


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Improve your own performance on the bars with a new series of workshops developed and taught by some of the biggest names on the calisthenics scene. Our workshops focus on four key aspects; Fundamentals, Statics, Dynamics and Combos, and are guaranteed to take your training to the next level.

If you’re just starting out, our fundamentals workshop will ensure you start off on the right foot, establishing sound foundations. We cover the main principles of bodyweight training, as well as correct technique for the basic exercises that underpin the more advanced moves.

For those interested in competing, these workshops give you a great foundation to build upon as each workshop examines the scoring criteria the judges look for. For those that already compete, this is a great opportunity to learn from the country’s top athletes and help improve your performance.


Upcoming dates and locations are given on the Sideways8 website but if you would like to host one of our workshops at your gym or training facility please get in touch for pricing and options. Alternatively, we are able to develop and deliver a bespoke workshop at your gym based on your specific needs.

This eight hour course covers the fundamental aspects of bodyweight training, helping to lay sound foundations from which to build upon. We provide an overview of the different principles that can be used to make  exercises harder or easier, examine the techniques involved in a variety of bodyweight exercises, and how to structure a bodyweight training session.
Learn the techniques and exercises involved in a range of static exercises including the elbow lever, planche and front lever. This workshop takes place over six hours and includes plenty of opportunities to try each exercise, as well as take part in a workout lead by our master trainer.
This six hour workshop examines the techniques that will allow you to perform the most eye-catching and big scoring moves. You’ll look at getting air and air moves, 360o variations, P bar hops and palm spins, as well as going through a workout lead by our master trainer.
Here we show you how you to link the content from the static and dynamic workshops, developing your own style and adding flair to your performances. During this six hour workshop we look at P bar hops and flow, putting together static combos, controlling momentum, as well as devising technical combos.
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